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Best Site Of The Day Award
Site Of The Day AwardThanks tito_zoulou, for applying for our award through for the site

Each day we scour the Internet looking for the best sites of that day. It takes something special for us to bestow the Best Site Of The Day Award.

Today, we selected your site as our winner.

To get your award, go here:

We require a link around the award back to our site.

You have a site to be proud of!

Site of The Day


5 Stars Award
5 Stars AwardCongratulations! Your site has been selected as a 5 Star Award Winner!

Only the best receive 5 Stars, and you are the best.

To pick up your award go to my web site
The award can be found there, towards the bottom of the page.

Put the award on your site if you like, with a link back to my site.

Please copy the award image onto your own server.

Congratulations from myself and my staff (which consists of my cat and my plant)!

Sarah Kenzie
5 Star Award For the Best Web Sites On The Internet


Web 1000 Award
Web 1000 AwardThank you for applying for award through

The Web 1000 Award has been hailed as one of the most prestigious awards on the Internet. It's not an award for everyone.

Nonetheless, your site impressed me very much. You are now a Web 1000 Grand Award Winner.

Congratulations! To receive your award go to our site at this URL:
You will find the award located there.

Thank you again for applying for our award.

Have a Nice Day,

Stuart Thronie


Stupid Caveman Award
Caveman AwardHey tito_zoulou,


Somehow, for some reason, your site has caught the attention of the Stupid Caveman!

And when something catches his attention he won't rest until he's given that thing an award. Yeah, I think it's weird too, but he's a stupid caveman, whatdya gonna do? appease the great fool, I am giving you my award.

The award is called the Stupid Cave Man Award......He may be stupid but he knows what a good web site looks like!

To pick up your award, go:


Stupid Caveman Award


Red Hot Site Award
Red Hot Site

This award is given only to sites that we feel have a special spark about them. Sites have to hot to win this coveted award!

We only give our award out to sites we think are original, cool, easy to navigate, and have a purpose. Your site fit the bill perfectly!

Congratulations! You have won the Red Hot Site Award. You have a very Hot Site!

The award image is located at our site, more specifically at:

You can copy the award from there, then put it on your award winning web site.

We spent a lot of time judging your site, but it was pretty obvious from the minute we first saw your site that you would win. A great site you've got there.

Keep on building great sites,

Jim Stevens and Cathy Brokwen

** Note: You can reach both of us at this email address;


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(NOTE: Click on Awards - Images to view the Awards - Websites or the sites affiliated)