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Hot Site Award
Hot Site AwardHi there...

Welcome to my award, the Devil Made Me Do It Hot Site Award.

Yeah, long name but I like it. And you'll like it too...if you win!

I give my award out to sites that look good, load fast, serve a real purpose, don't yank me around with screwy site navigation, and that don't contain anything illegal etc.

You site met all the criteria for my award!

So you Win! You're site is now a Hot Site Award winner.
To get your award, goto:

Hey, way to go!

Thanks for playing,

Garrett Morins


Boom Bear Award
Boom Bear AwardHi!

I'm Cindy and I give out the Boom Bear Award for Excellence!

And you submitted your site to my award from so I went to look at your site.
It was super!

And since I like your site so much I want to give you my award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can see the award at my site there. Take it and put it on your award winning site!

Thanks for aplying for my award!

Hugs and Kisses


Crude Site Award
Crude Site AwardHi!

I'm Rude Eddy! And That...Is....Crude! Oh yeah!!!!!

YOU applied for my award through Award-Me. Yeah it's been a while, but I was busy *shrugs*

Your site is right?

As my web site says, not everyone can win this award. Your site has to be Crude Dude enough to make me say......"Cruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!" And that takes quite a bit let me tell you my friend!

But hey, you win! Yep, you've got the stuff, and now you've got the award!
So come get the thing here:

I hope you like my site. I mean, it's nowhere near as good as yours but then, I'm only giving out an award so my site doesn't have to be anything great right? Ha!

I'd love a link around the award back to my site. So if you could do that it'd be great.

Congratulations and all that stuff,

-"It's Cruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!"


Rainy-Day Award
Rainy-Day AwardHi!

My name is Lisa and I give out the Rainy-Day Award.

I really liked your web site It was great! Though it wasn't raining when I looked at your site, I still think you deserve my award!

So you win! Yay!

You can come to my site and pick up your award.
You have my permission to put the award on your web site and link it back to my site.

I hope you enjoy your award!

See ya around,

Lisa Toale


Rockin' Site Award
Rockin' SiteHey hey, did you know that you have a Rockin Site?

And to prove it, I'm giving you my coveted sought after Rockin' Site Award!

I was impressed with your sites:
- Layout
- Design
- Use of Colors
- Use of Graphics

All in all, You have a really groovin site and I'm honoured to give you my award. -- the award is there.

Wear it proudly! If it's not too much trouble, please put a link around the award back to my site whenever you display it on your site.

Hey, pat yourself on the back tito_zoulou, you earned this award!

Keep on rockin!

Richard Soolan


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