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Cheri's Cool Site Award
Cheri's Cool SiteCongratulations you have won my Cool Site Award. Your web site is cool I never seen anything like it before... I even passed it on to some of my friends.

Please place this award with a link back to my website ok....

Thanks and good luck.

White Wolf

I hope yours friends enjoy visiting the site

Artistic Designers Award
Artistic DesignersHi,

Thank you so much for applying for one of my awards, I would be honoured if you would accept it for your site.If you don't mind, please link the award back to:

To pickup your award, please go to:

You'll be brought to a page listing the awards. Please click on ONLY the award you applied for, you'll be brought to it. Please download it and save it to your hard drive.


Peace, Health & Happiness Always

Web Design by Artistic Designers


Interguide - Award - AwardHerzlichen Glueckwunsch!

Wir finden Ihre Seiten gelungen und moechten Ihnen den INTERGUIDE-AWARD 2005 in Bronze verleihen!

Wir hoffen Sie haben viel Freude dabei und arbeiten weiterhin so an Ihren Seiten. Sie koennen sich selbstverstaendlich weiterhin um den Silber bzw. GOLD-Award bewerben. Als Besitzer duerfen Sie natuerlich den INTERGUIDE-AWARD 2005 in Bronze auf Ihre Seite platzieren.

Fuegen Sie bitte folgenden HTML-Code in Ihre Seite ein!
... Code ...

Bitte senden Sie uns doch ein eMail, wenn der AWARD auf Ihrer Seite ist.

Vielen Dank!
Mit freundlichen Gruessen...

Yours sincerely...

Besuchen Sie uns bald wieder auf...

THANKS SO MUCH to the Staff at

WOSIB AwardCongratulations!

The WOSIB Judges have reviewed your site and it has won the Women Of Strength & Inner Beauty bronze. Award for the category personal advanced catagory, the third highest possible award of the 3 given in this catagory. Attached is your award, please link it to

Judges Comments:
I'm sure there is loads of information here but this site is so very busy it just plain hurts ones eyes to look at it too long. I think the page builder would do better to split things up more and on a few different pages as well to give you a break.
I feel that this site has potential. It can be an information source.
But there are way too many unneeded animation and unnecessary JavaScript popups on slow loading pages.

-- Remove ALL unnecessary animations.
-- Add ALT text to ALL images.
-- Give an alternative text menu.
-- Put the information in more of a structured form.
-- Remove the JavaScript popup warning visitors of slow loading times.

Thank-You and Congratulations!

Co- Leaders Pamster and Becca
Women Of Strength ::

THANKS VERY MUCH to the Team of Judges at WOSIB

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(NOTE: Click on Awards - Images to view the Awards - Websites or the sites affiliated)