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David's Place Themes Award
Gold Excellence Award
Excellent Site Award
Congratulations !!

Your website has been selected to win a David's Place Themes Award. My Awards can not be downloaded from my page. They are emailed to you as an attachment. You have a wonderful website and I have enjoyed my visit ! I have chosen your website, to be worthy of my "Gold Excellence Award" and my "Excellent Site Award".

Please link them back to this url

Thank You !!

Keep up the good work and make the net a better place.

David @ David's Place Themes


Advanced Web Design Award
Advanced Web Design AwardCongratulations, your site has won the Advanced Web Design Award !

We have found that your site is well thought out, very pleasant to look at, and serves a definite purpose. It is compelling to its viewers, has informative content, originality, excellent design, and leaves in its visitor's mind the image of a quality site.

Your award is included with this email. And please link it back to us:

When you notify us of the exact location of our Award on you site, we will then add you to our list of winners.

Mackey Web Design


Elite Site Award
Elite Awardtito_zoulou,

What does it take to become an Elite Site?
Only the very elite sites will win my sought after award.

Style, elegance, taste...these are the things that make a site truly elite. These are the things that I look for when giving out my award. To be Elite means to be better than the best.

Are you elite?

The answer is....Yes!

I was quite taken with your site.
It was more than qualified to win my award, the Elite Site Award.

Hey, most sites don't even come close to winning my award. But yours was a hands down winner. Congratulations!!!!!!!

The award is located there (above) Just copy it on to your server, or link to it from my web page...whatever works best for you.

In case you were wondering how I found your site, it was submitted to me through the Award software program.

Keep up the great work!

Kevin Barber


Best Sites of bonWeb Network
Best Site 2005666 Myth declared Best Site of 2005 by bonWeb Network

THANKS SO MUCH to the staff at bonWeb Network

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(NOTE: Click on Awards - Images to view the Awards - Websites or the sites affiliated)