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Demzen Awards
Gold Award
Webmaster Award
Hello Tito

Thank you for applying for one of my awards.

I sent my gold and web mr. award to your Site.

Have a nice summer

Best regards from Dorthe


Market-Tek Design Award
Market-Tek Design AwardHi tito_zoulou,

Thank you for applying for the Market-Tek Design Award!

Congratulations! After reviewing your site, We are pleased to present you with the Market-Tek Design Award!

To pick up the award go to: Click on The Market-Tek Award Link. The Award logo is located there. Simply copy the award to your server and place it on your page. The only thing we ask is that you put a link around it back to us at

All winners are eligible to be placed on our "Winners Page" located at:
If you would like your page listed there, simply go to the page and fill out the form, we will do the rest.

As a special bonus for winning our award, I'm going to tell you about a very special free trial offer. For the next 3 days, you can download one of the Internet's best tools for driving unlimited targeted traffic to your web site.

The Submission-Spider is the very best web promotion tool I've ever used (it brings thousands of people to our site each month) and for the next 3 days you can download and try out for free, a 10-day functioning free trial version. Just go to: to download now.
We like to think that by winning our award your site traffic will go up. With this bonus, now we can be sure of it!

Once again, Congratulations from all of us here at Market-Tek.
And thank you for submitting your site for our award.

Best wishes,
John Skorczewski
CEO Market-Tek Enterprises, Inc.


The eNetwire News Wire Award
eNetwire AwardGreetings tito_zoulou,

We have finished the judging process for your site: and we're very impressed. Your site is certainly news worthy and therefore you win our award!

To pick up your News Wire Award, head over to our web site at....
The award is located there. Just copy it to your server. We would appreciate a link back to us, but it isn't necessary.

While you're at our site, you might want to check out our main page each month we recommend a new eBook to our viewers and offer it at a discount. Check it out!

So let me be the first to congratulate you on winning our award!

Congratulations, Award Staff

THANKS SO MUCH to Award Staff

Five Hearts Award
Five Hearts AwardCongratulations tito_zoulou,

I just had a chance to look at your site. I sure liked it!

Your site scored excellent in every category I rate sites under. You have a very good site and I am very honored to give you my award.

The 5 Hearts Award is only given to sites that show:
*Overall Design Quality
*Great Ability of Designer
*No porn or illegal activities
*No Warez or hackering stuff

So Congratulationz!! I am very happy to give you my award, you sure earned it!

You can grab my award from my own web page
I do ask that you put a link around the award that points back to my web site.

Also, in keeping with the tradition of my award, I ask that you do 1 good dead for someone else within the next 3 days.

Thanks for applying for my award, I had fun rating your site!

With Kindness and Love,

Lisa Smotly


Golden Nugget Award
Golden Nugget AwardHi tito_zoulou,

Thanks for applying for my Award, the Golden Nugget Award through Award-Me!

After reviewing your site: I have decided to give you my award. You really have a great site! I enjoyed viewing it.
Go to my site at:

You'll find the award logo there. Please copy it to your own web server and link it back to my web site.

Thanks again for applying for my award, and Congratulations on winning!

-Jason Pearton
-Golden Nugget Award


Best of the Web Award
Best of the Web AwardHello,

Thank you for applying for the Best of the Web Award.

I'm honored to tell you that after reviewing your site, I have decided to bestow my award upon your site

You site has everything I look for in a web site. It really was one of the Best of the Web. To pick up your award, point your browser to my web site
You will find the award there. All you have to do is copy the award to your web page. You don't have to do anything else.

I appreciate a reciprocal link back to my site. So how does it feel to be named Best of the Web? You earned it!

All the Best,

Jasom Mathews
Best of the Web Award


The eBook-It Best Site award
Best Site awardHi there!

We received your application for our award, the eBook-It Best Site award through the award submission service.

Sorry it took a few days to get to your site, we're a little backed up.

I just got done reviewing your site. You have a very good one.

I would like to give you our award. It would be my pleasure if you would accept it and display it on your site with a link back to our site.

Your site really exceeded our high standards. I was impressed.

To pick up the award, come to our web site. The URL is:

Thanks again for submitting your site for our award. On behalf of the staff of I would like to congratulate you once again.

Good day,

Gregory Hines Site Reviewer

THANKS Gregory

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