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Darrin WOW Award
WOW Award
Darrin Say Wow
Thanks for applying for my award for your site:

I must apologize for taking so long to get back to you. I've been swamped with applications for my award lately and it takes a while to review each and every site that comes my way.

I want to take my time with each site and do a good review, and unfortunately that means it takes a while to get back to people.

But I hope the wait was worth it, because you have won my award, the Darrin WOW Award. Yes yes, you made Darrin say WOW! And now you are part of a select few that can claim that distinction.

To pick up the award, surf over to my site

You can find the award located there, it's the one that says "My Site Made Darrin Say Wow"
Feel free to post it on your web site and link it back to me.

I enjoyed your site very much.

Good to know you,

Darrin L.


Yellow Tiger Award
Yellow Tiger AwardGreat to see you,

My name is Tina Fields and I am writing to you today to let you know that you have won the Yellow Tiger Award.I judged your site after receiving an application request from the folks at I hope this letter finds you well.

You have a special web site. I am honored to give you my little award. You deserve it!

To pick up your award, go to my web site
You will see the award there. Just copy it and put it on your page. Please link it back to me.

I apologize for not contacting you sooner, but I got to your site as soon as I could *s*

Congratulations!!!!! *huge hugs*

Tina Fields


Best Of America Award For Greatness
Best Of America AwardThank you for applying for my award, the: "Best Of America Award For Greatness"

Upon reviewing your web site I have decided that it would be a fine addition to our distinguished list of award winners.

To claim your award, come to the official award site,
The award logo can be found there. Go ahead and place the award on your site with a link back to me.

You run an outstanding web site, one which you can be very proud of. I applaud you.


Mr. Gerald Alfalk
Proprietor, Best Of America Award For Greatness

Reach me via email at -
Visit my web site at -


Polka - DOT Award
Polka AwardPolka Polka!

Hey, I'm the owner of the Polka - DOT award and after judging your site (as sent to me from I have determined that your site has the right stuff!
(your site being

You our now the proud winner of the Polka - DOT award. It's a very great honor....well its an honor...well it SHOULD be an honor!
You can get the award from my site at

Copy the award, display it proudly on your site, above any other awards you may have won in the past. This is THE award everyone drools over.... well not everyone....well just Tim the kid the lives down the street from me.

But hey! It's an entertaining award, so I hope it brings you just a little bit of joy.

On a side note, I really did like your site. You've really got something there! I almost wished I gave out a more serious award because you deserve to win a serious award.

Anyway, thanks for applying for my award. I had fun checking out your site.

Groove on,
The Grand DOT

Enjoy the Moment, or I'll enjoy it for you!

THANKS to The Grand DOT

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