Table of the directs alphanumeric codes


Ordinale - o1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526
Reduced1 - r12345678912345678912345678
Standard2 - s123456789102030405060708090100200300400500600700800
Combined3 - c 36912151821242721334557698193105117120222324426528630732834
Tolstoy6 12345678997102030405060708090100110120130140150160
Bungus8 1234567899102030405060708090100200200300400500600
Isopsephia9 12 45 3 10 203040507080 100200300400  60 7
Gematria10 12 4  3510102030405070801002006040066660107
Chaldean11 12345835112345781234666517
Celtic Ogham12 11424421544215255543333255
Cipher-binary A0 012345678910111213141516171819202122232425
Reduced-A=013 01234567890123456789012345
Pythagoras A214 2468101214161824681012141618246810121416
Pythagoras A33691215182124273691215182124273691215182124
Pythagoras A44812162024283236481216202428323648121620242832
Pythagoras A55101520253035404551015202530354045510152025303540
Pythagoras A66121824303642485461218243036424854612182430364248
Pythagoras A77142128354249566371421283542495663714212835424956

Pythagoras A88162432404856647281624324048566472816243240485664
Pythagoras A99182736455463728191827364554637281918273645546372
Pythagoras A101020304050607080901020304050607080901020304050607080
Pythagoras A111122334455667788991122334455667788991122334455667788
Pythagoras A12122436486072849610812243648607284961081224364860728496
Pythagoras A13132639526578911041171326395265789110411713263952657891104
Pythagoras A21214263841051261471681892142638410512614716818921426384105126147168
Pythagoras A22224466881101321541761982244668811013215417619822446688110132154176
Pythagoras A33336699132165198231264297336699132165198231264297336699132165198231264
Happy 13 151234567891011121312345678910111213
Happy 13x224681012141618202224262468101214161820222426
Happy 13x33691215182124273033363936912151821242730333639
Starter 111112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233343536
Starter 121213141516171819202122232425262728293031323334353637
Starter 131314151617181920212223242526272829303132333435363738
Starter 222223242526272829303132333435363738394041424344454647
Starter 333334353637383940414243444546474849505152535455565758
Starter 363637383940414243444546474849505152535455565758596061
Starter 474748495051525354555657585960616263646566676869707172
Starter 65 166566676869707172737475767778798081828384858687888990

Starter 97 17979899100101102103104105106107108109110111112113114115116117118119120121122
Starter 100100101102103104105106107108109110111112113114115116117118119120121122123124125
Starter 144144145146147148149150151152153154155156157158159160161162163164165166167168169
Starter 153153154155156157158159160161162163164165166167168169170171172173174175176177178
Base 2246810121416182022242628303234363840424446485052
Base 33691215182124273033363942454851545760636669727578
Base 44812162024283236404448525660646872768084889296100104
Base 55101520253035404550556065707580859095100105110115120125130
Base 66121824303642485460667278849096102108114120126132138144150156
Base 7714212835424956637077849198105112119126133140147154161168175182
Base 881624324048566472808896104112120128136144152160168176184192200208
Base 9918273645546372819099108117126135144153162171180189198207216225234
Base 10102030405060708090100110120130140150160170180190200210220230240250260
Base 11112233445566778899110121132143154165176187198209220231242253264275286
Base 121224364860728496108120132144156168180192204216228240252264276288300312
Base 1313263952657891104117130143156169182195208221234247260273286299312325338
Master 11 18123456789101112345678910111234
Master 22 19123456789101112131415161718192021221234
IsoMaster 22 201234567891011121314151617181920212210111213
Apostles 12 2112345678910111212345678910111212

IsoApostles 12 2212345678910111212345678910111267
IsoSum23 A1 1253235217199171115131412161018820622424226
IsoSum A262622442262081810161214131511179197215233251
Base24 2A8 2101826344250586674829098106114122130138146154162170178186194202
Base 7A13720334659728598111124137150163176189202215228241254267280293306319332
Base 10A5101520253035404550556065707580859095100105110115120125130135
Base 43A24345474951535557596163656769717375777981838587899193
Base 47A114758698091102113124135146157168179190201212223234245256267278289300311322
Base 66A6667278849096102108114120126132138144150156162168174180186192198204210216
Base 99A999108117126135144153162171180189198207216225234243252261270279288297306315324
Base 144A3144147150153156159162165168171174177180183186189192195198201204207210213216219
Base 144A12144156168180192204216228240252264276288300312324336348360372384396408420432444
Base 153A17153170187204221238255272289306323340357374391408425442459476493510527544561578
Nistharah25 30073222827124101072914711307752366177909910820488702306308501
Dark cipher26 01122013314041551660177188190920102111
Achad27 1201362518114231692211472619125241710322158
Cypher 777 1111526314182616194717215920248122225101323
Thelema 1112513732319192291741473137536771616161431959

Enochian 1 28 65300473009160603004090503084010010400707070400601
Enochian 2 29 12204563810102030405070809010020030040040040060107
Enochian 3 30230070359601850040050672080800100104304020070090600
Enochian 4 31 1221716710229424191811123316262320131452880
Suite A1 32 - s113610152128364555667891105120136153171190210231253276300325351
Suite A0 33 - s00259142027354454657790104119135152170189209230252275299324350
Reduced Suite 34013610152128364555667891105120136153171190210231253276300325
Starter 666667686970717273747576777879808182838485868788899091
Starter 9999100101102103104105106107108109110111112113114115116117118119120121122123124
Reduced A0x3 350369121518212427036912151821242703691215
Reduced A0x60612182430364248540612182430364248540612182430
Reduced A0x90918273645546372810918273645546372810918273645
Reduced A0x110112233445566778899011223344556677889901122334455
Reduced A0x12012243648607284961080122436486072849610801224364860
Reduced A0x1301326395265789110411701326395265789110411701326395265
Reduced A0x22022446688110132154176198022446688110132154176198022446688110
Reduced A0x33033669913216519823126429703366991321651982312642970336699132165

Hebrew 3612345835112345781234666617
Indian Vedic 3712245838112345781234666617
Telephone 3822233344455566670778889990
Telephone x3 3966699912121215151518181821021212424242727270
Telephone x612121218181824242430303036363642042424848485454540
Telephone x918181827272736363645454554545463063637272728181810
Telephone x1122222233333344444455555566666677077778888889999990
Telephone x1224242436363648484860606072727284084849696961081081080
Telephone x1326262639393952525265656578787891091911041041041171171170
Telephone x2244444466666688888811011011013213213215401541541761761761981981980

1 The reduced alphanumeric form, introduced from the Antiquity by Pythagore, is still used by the majority of the contemporary numerologists. The 26 letters of the alphabet have there a value from 1 to 9, attributed in alphabetic occurrence order and in a reccurent way. In this system, the reduced values (mispar katan in Hebrew) have codes with a unique figure, 1 to 9, or modulo 9 in mathematical terminology; and it, contrary to the ordinales values (mispar siduri in Hebrew), where the codes of the letters of the alphabet go from 1 to 26 and can thus contain more than one figure.
2 The standard mode is inspired by the Greek gematria and the Jewish kabbalah. This numerology was used in 1890 by the Dr. Ivan Panin (1855 December, 12 to 1942 October, 30, professor at Harvard) in its works of decoding of the Bible (more than 43,000 handwritten pages in detail). The successive codes 1, 2, … 9, 10, 20, … 90 and 100, 200, … 900 are also appointed normative values or absolute values (mispar hechrachi in Hebrew).
In 14th century, in its mystic poem "Divine Comedy" or "Divina Commedia" (14233 verses), written during his exile between 1304 and 1321, the Italian philosopher Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), augured that the Apocalypse would be preceded by a messenger associated to the number 515, a numerological puzzle not solved. With this alphanumeric coding, JESUS=10+5+100+300+100=515 !!! But according to Jewish Sepher Jetzirah, the number 515 should receive the following interpretation : " The ten Sephiroth are as the fingers of the hand, among ten, and five against five; but in the middle of them is the alliance of the unity. "
3 The combined alphanumeric value is the sum of the three previous numerologies; c = o + r + s.
4 The alphanumeric code is the sum o + r.
5 The alphanumeric value is defined by the sum o + s.
6 In Leo Tolstoy's novel, War and peace (translated by Louise and Aylmer Maude), in the chapter 19 of the book 9, Peter, son of the Count Cyril Bezuhkov, is convinced that Napoleon Bonaparte carried the mark of the beast ( 666 ), on the basis of this numerology. In French, the expression "L'Empereur Napoleon" (The Emperor Napoleon), if corrected to restore the e omitted because of the elision, becomes "Le Empereur Napoleon" = 666 ...
7 Letters I and J have the same numerical value 9.
8 Petrus Bungus, in his book Numerorum Mysteria (published by Bergamo, in 1599; reedition by Hildesheim: Olds, in 1983). In retort in awkward identification of the Pope as the Beast 666, Bungus pointed the protesting reformer Martin Luther (1483-1546) as the real satanic candidate [MARTIN LUTHERA = 666, but with I=1 (Roman value) rather than I=9 as in the table]. In this system, letters I and J are worth both 9 while letters U and V have the same value 200.
9 Numerology based on the Greek alphabet.
10 Numerology based on the Hebrew alphabet.
11 In the Chaldean numerology, the letters of the alphabet have a value included between 1 and 8, value which is not affected according to the order of alphabetic occurrence; against the standard model of Pythagore, where the letters of the alphabet have a value from 1 to 9, attributed in order of alphabetic occurrence and in a reccurent way. The Chaldean system presumes that every letter has a unique specific vibration and vibratory values of the letters of the alphabet go from 1 to 9.
12 Here, the alphanumeric values are from 1 to 5, but without any consideration of the order of occurrence of the letters.
13 This reduced form is similar to the common model of Pythagoras, but with A=0 and the letters of the alphabet have in the order a value from 0 to 9, with reccurence.
14 The system of alphanumeric coding of type " Pythagoras Ax " is based on the classic numerology of Pythagoras, but with A=x and the other letters having values (1 to 9) multiplied by x.
15 The 26 letters of the alphabet have here an "equidistant" value from 1 to 13, attributed in order of alphabetic occurrence and in a reccurent way.
16 Computer ASCII codes of capital letters; A=65, B=66, C=67, ..., Z=90.
17 ASCII Code of small letters; a=97, b=98, c=99, ..., z=122.
18 The letters of the alphabet have a value from 1 to 11, attributed in order of alphabetic occurrence and in a reccurent way, quite as in the classic numerology of Pythagoras.
19 In this coding, the alphanumeric values of letters are from 1 to 22, in order and in a reccurent way.
20 Idem to Master 22, but with the sequence W-X-Y-Z centred and limited, to the left and to the right, by 9 empty compartments; from where W = 10 and Z = 13.
21 Here, the letters of the alphabet have a value from 1 to 12, in the order of alphabetic occurrence and in a reccurent way.
22 Idem to Apostles 12, but with the sequence Y-Z centred and limited, to the left and to the right, by 5 empty compartments; from where Y = 6 and Z = 7.
23 In the ordinale numbering of the 26 letters of the alphabet, A=1 and Z=26 ⇒ A+Z= 27 ≈ = 9 because 2+7=9. In the system IsoSum, the sums of the letters of the alphabet, two by two, are isomorphe or uniform and all equal to 27, thus of reduced value 9:
A+Z=27≈9, B+Y=27≈9, C+X=27≈9, D+W=27≈9, E+V=27≈9, F+U=27≈9, G+T=27≈9, H+S=27≈9, I+R=27≈9, J+Q=27≈9, K+P=27≈9, L+O=27≈9, M+N=27≈9 and IsoSum A1 + IsoSum A26 = 27 ≈ 9.
24 The alphanumeric coding "Base iAj", where i is the base and j the progress, is defined by A=i, B=A+j = i+j, C=B+j = i+2j, ..., Z=Y+j = i+25j. Results-type: in the base 2A8, JESUS = 562 and CROSS = 562; in the base 7A13, JESUS = 932, CROSS = 932, JESUS CHRIST = 1897 andt JESUS IS LORD = 1897; in bases 99A9 and 144A3, DARK = 666. This type of numerology bases iAj is widely exploited by Scott Branson. He offers on his website a numerological program called Uncovering the Antichrist (Uncover.exe), downloadable free of charge, which process multiple specific alphanumeric codings.
25 The numerology Hokhmah Nistharah (hidden wisdom), allocates to the letters of the alphabet values established according to the oracles which God entrusted to the Jewish people. It is very used in the esoteric and magic purposes.
26 In " Dark cipher " or " gematria of darkness " the vowels have value 0. In the literature, there are all in all 11 various " Dark ciphers " codings.
27 Coding of the English alphabet, discovered in the papers of Frater Achad (Liber AL vel Legis, The Book of the Law) in 1976 by Jim Lees. This system is adopted by members of the English occult community, notably by Carol Smith, Jake Stratton-Kent, Frater Damon and Soror Ishtaria. Let us note that in this numerology, the cumulative sum of the values of the 26 letters (A+B+C+D+ ... +Y+Z) is 351, thus identical to the sum of the suite (1+2+3+4 ... +25+26) = 351 = 27x13 = (26x27) 2 !...
28 S.L Mathers version. of the " Golden Dawn " esoteric coding (very close to the version of Aleister Crowley), in "The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic", v.10, p.140.
29 John Dee's pure version for the " Golden Dawn " esoteric numerology.
30 Coding of Paul Joseph Rovelli, in The Third Covenant / Towards a Thelemic Gnosis; where he applies the standard numerology to the orderly sequence "H A D T E M N I F S O U V L G C P Y R W B K J Z X Q", sequence contained in the first chapter of Liber AL vel Legis, the only chapter of the book where all 26 letters are used.
31 Numerology establishes in 2003 by John Farthing II, by decoding the original manuscript Liber AL vel Legis (chapter 3, page 16; The Book of the Law).
32 In this coding, the values of the letters of the alphabet are sums of suites: A=1, B=(1+2) = 3, C=(1+2+3) = 6, D=(1+2+3+4) = 10, ..., Z=(1+2+3+4+ ... +25+26) = 351.
33 The code s0 = s1 - 1.
34 The reduced suite sr = s1 - o (where o = ordinale value, from 1 to 26).
35 The numerology of reduced form A0xk, is similar to the common model of Pythagoras, but A=0 and the letters of the alphabet have in order the values of (0 to 9) multiplied by k, with reccurence.
36 The Hebrew system is identical to the Chaldean mode above, with the exception that X=6 and not 5.
37 The Indian Vedic coding corresponds to the Hebrew version but with C=2 (and not 3) and H=8 (and not 5).
38 This numerology is based on the alphanumeric coding integrated into the keyboard of your telephone; in order, we have:
1 = nothing;   2 = (A B C);    3 = (D E F);
4 = (G H I);    5 = (J K L);     6 = (M N O);
7 = (P R S);    8 = (T U V);    9 = (W X Y);
* = nothing;   0 = nothing;    # = nothing.
NOTE 1: letters Q and Z are ignored in the keyboard (by default, in our encoding Q=Z=0).
NOTE 2: this numerology is full contemporary, because for the direct access to the phone book of organizations, an automated message will ask you to indicate the name of the person to join, by means of the numeric keyboard.
39 The subsequent codings of type " Telephone xN " are multiples N of the basis numerology " Telephone ".
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