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accents, punctuation signs and special characters such as -œ-Œ---- and so on)

ChaldeanCeltic OghamCipher-binaryReduced-A=0Pythagoras A2
Pythagoras A3Pythagoras A4Pythagoras A5Pythagoras A6Pythagoras A7
Pythagoras A8Pythagoras A9Pythagoras A10Pythagoras A11Pythagoras A12
Pythagoras A13Pythagoras A21Pythagoras A22Pythagoras A33Happy 13
Happy 13x2Happy 13x3Starter 11Starter 12Starter 13
Starter 22Starter 33Starter 36Starter 47Starter 65
Starter 97Starter 100Starter 144Starter 153Base 2
Base 3Base 4Base 5Base 6Base 7
Base 8Base 9Base 10Base 11Base 12
Base 13Master 11Master 22IsoMaster 22Apostles 12
IsoApostles 12IsoSum A1IsoSum A26Base 2A8Base 7A13
Base 10A5Base 43A2Base 47A11Base 66A6 Base 99A9
Base 144A3Base 144A12Base 153A17NistharahDark cipher
AchadCypher 777ThelemaEnochian 1Enochian 2
Enochian 3Enochian 4Suite A1Suite A0Reduced Suite
Starter 66Starter 99Reduced A0x3Reduced A0x6Reduced A0x9
Reduced A0x11Reduced A0x12Reduced A0x13Reduced A0x22Reduced A0x33
HebrewIndian VedicTelephoneTelephone x3Telephone x6
Telephone x9Telephone x11Telephone x12Telephone x13Telephone x22

UFO Protection Code: 666 000 666 (2004  ⇒  2+0+0+4 = 6)
Details on the conversion methods and the encoded values of alphabet

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